Monday, June 29, 2009

Vegan Bake Sale in Downtown Guelph

Last Saturday our Veg*n Social Group in Guelph raised almost $700 for Ruby Ranch Pig Sanctuary! It was a pretty fantastic day. We had a ton of great looking baked goods for sale, tons of interested passers-by, some of which signed up to be a part of veg events in the future. Some people grabbed literature on veganism. I think it was a huge success. By far the highlight of the day though was a visit from Stormy, one of the piglets from Ruby Ranch. He's just as sweet as a puppy, nobody could resist him. I think he definitely turned A LOT of heads just by being downtown, but my hope is that a few visitors to our bake sale got to connect with him a little bit, rub his belly, see his joyful expression, and maybe make the connection that it is wrong to eat animals.

I was pretty much expecting some rude comments by people that don't understand, can't make the connection or are just unwilling to open their eyes, and we did get a few. By far the most incomprehensible though was the girl that saw Stormy, proclaimed "Ohhh! I love pigs!!" and literally 3 minutes later was seen buying two hot dogs at the vendor right across from us... sigh... some people will just never get it.


laura! said...

THAT PIG! I am dying! I am being killed with cuteness!!

Also, all of your treats look amazing! Congratulations on raising so much money for the animals! Yay WWVBS!!!

Lindsey said...

That is such a brilliant idea to bring farm animals out in public. So many people don't realize that they're just like pets, and I think if they see that, then they may just be more opened up to becoming vegan. I know that's what led me down that road - understanding that farm animals are no different than a dog or cat in terms of affection, emotions, and cuteness.