Thursday, June 11, 2009

To-Go Ware - New Styles, New Colours

We use too much plastic. I do it too. We can do better. The grocery store that I go to finally started charging people 5 cents for each plastic bag... I wish we didn't need that sort of incentive, but if it works, then that's what we need to do. Do you guys ever eat out? Do you sometimes go to the food court? Do you order Chinese & find yourself collecting those disposable chopsticks?

All the little things add up. To-Go Ware is the solution to putting an end to plastic cutlery & take out containers. Take yours with you wherever you go! Buy one for your purse, your car, your lunch box...

The utensils are made from sustainably grown bamboo. Bamboo is not a tree, it's a grass, and it grows like grass. It's renewable, sustainable, extremely versatile, strong & feels so wonderful in your mouth that you'll want to replace all your cutlery at home with To-Go Ware utensils.

Conserve Utensil holders are made from discarded plastic bags in India. Watch the video here:

Weave cotton Utensil holders are crafted by WEAVE, a Burmese refugee women's project on the Thai-Burma border. All materials are sourced from Thailand & are fair-trade. Watch the video here:

RePEat Utensil holders are made from recycled PET plastic - giving plastic bottles a 2nd life & keeping them out of the landfills.

Tiffin 2 tier or 3 tier containers are perfect for transporting your lunch, going camping, taking on a picnic, or bring it with you next time you get take out & ask them to put your order into your Tiffin! These are made from Stainless Steel - 200 grade. They do not leach any chemicals (like plastic), they don't hold smells or stain & they are strong & durable.

Let's not wait until we have to pay 5 cents for plastic cutlery when we get food on the go... we can make a simple step now to ban plastic cutlery from our lives, just like we've done with plastic bags.

Check out all the styles & beautiful colours at!

x Kelly

PS - To-Go Ware has told me that they have to raise their prices in July, which means that we'll have to raise our prices too, so the prices you see are only good for a limited time! Grab them for the lower prices while you can!

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