Monday, November 17, 2008

Vegan Questionnaire

Hey readers,

I have a short, simple, but important (to me anyways) questionnaire. If you could take a couple of minutes and answer the following questions, I would greatly appreciate it! This will help me a lot in making LAVA the store you want it to be and hopefully opening up a physical location in the near future. We all want more stores that sell vegan products right?! right. So please either post your answers or email me your answers if you prefer not to post. Thanks so much!!

Where do you buy the following products?
- animal-friendly shoes
- animal-friendly belts
- animal-friendly accessories (purses, wallets, etc)
- cookbooks
- books about vegan nutrition/animal rights
- vegetarian paraphernalia (ie t-shirts, buttons, stickers etc)

Why do you buy these products where you buy them?
- cost
- brand (if so, which brands?)
- loyalty to a specific store (if so, which store?)
- convenience (location, ease of shopping, other?)
- other (pls explain)

How satisfied are you with the products and services received at the stores you've mentioned?
If you are not satisfied, why not?

Do you shop online for any of the above? If so, are the online stores you shop at local, in the US or elsewhere?

Generally, do you think it's easy to find quality vegan clothing & accessories (shoes, belts, bags without the use of animal products) or do you find it a challenge?
If you find it a challenge, why is that?

Do you think that there is a need for a store that carries a large variety of animal-friendly products including food, clothing, accessories, footwear and vegan books?

Any other comments regarding the supply of vegan products in Ontario?

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