Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank

I just heard about the first ever Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank on my favourite podcast, Animal Voices. This is great. Every day it seems, I am filled with so much hope because of the steps that are being made in the veg movement (for lack of a better term). One day, Oprah is going vegan for 3 weeks, the next there is a spotlight on veganism on CNN, and now - the only Vegetarian Food Bank in north america opens it's doors in Toronto (okay, it officially opened back in May, so I'm a little behind the times). Someone is taking care of all the people who are struggling out there but who can't stomach the thought of eating dead animals, or who cannot eat animals for spiritual/religious reasons. I am sometimes asked by omnivores... "what would you do if you were stranded and there were no plants and you had to eat animals?" (see every vegan's "Top Ten Stupid Questions Asked by Omnivores"). First of all, I can't see ever finding myself in a situation where there was nothing plant based around to eat, and my only option is to either kill a bunny, or starve to death. Can't see it. I am fortunate to live in the country where I live, and to always have enough money to pay the bills and buy food. I'm not convinced that my grocery bills would be any more or less if I ate meat. However, I must admit, that I do spend more money on products that are less harmful to the environment (organic, biodegradeable, free from toxins, chemicals and other such garbage). Wait... I'm heading off on a tangent here.

Back to the point... if I was struggling and needed help in the way of a meal every week, I am thrilled that I could go to the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank and not have to pick the pork out of my beans or make the choice between accepting the free meal, despite the animal ingredients, or going hungry.

Hopefully, this event will inspire Vegetarian food banks to open up all across north america.

To donate or to help them out - please call 416-744-4357 or visit (site currently under construction)

also check out the article in The Toronto Star.

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