Monday, November 10, 2008

Animal Voices = Number 1

Lately I've been listening to a lot of podcasts. I'm totally addicted. My commute to work is 1/2 hour each way (soon to be 1 hour each way - boo!) and I don't know what I did before podcasts! Yes, I do actually. I was BORED. Bored by the radio, unless I happened to catch a really interesting show or a good song. Mostly though, I would flip stations from one overplayed song to the next. When I got my ipod, it was great. I could listen to my own music at least. But podcasts are the best, and Animal Voices is number one. I used to think it was Vegan Freak. Don't get me wrong, Vegan Freak rocks, but it doesn't come out enough. Bob & Jenna try, they lead very busy lives... I love their podcast and found myself literally waiting every week for the next one to come out. Sometimes I wait months! So sorry Vegan Freaks, that's a strike. You're great when you come out, but you don't come out enough. No disrespect to Vegan Freak, but Animal Voices is the most insightful, most inspiring, most compelling animal rights show out there. The interviews are fascinating and I sit on the edge of my seat during EVERY show. The shows make me laugh, they fill me with inspiration, with hope, with passion and also with sadness and disgust. I think it's very important to hear about all the issues discussed on Animal Voices. Normally, I block my ears & eyes from the atrocities that happen in the world. I'm already vegan, I'm not part of the horrible and cruel procedures associated with animal corporations (whether they be meat production, circuses, bear bile farms, bull fights, seal hunts etc). However on Animal Voices, I feel like there is an inspiring story for every horror story. The crew bring light on the cruelty, and they investigate all aspects of what is going on in the industry they are discussing, however I feel like they also put a huge emphasis on the good that is being done. The people that are interviewed are all people that are devoting their lives to animal causes. No matter how sad the show is, I always have a overwhelming sense of hope and feel completely inspired after every program. Thank you Lauren, Karol, Neil & CIUT for putting on an incredible and important radio program. If you have no idea what I'm talking about... head to

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