Sunday, April 22, 2007


The internet has endless opportunities to waste time and get away from real life. Here is a cartoon version of myself that Chris created! I think it actually looks like me... I would totally wear heart antenna! There are so many different websites where people go to get away from themselves. I'm sure that there are good and bad reasons for that. Yeah ok, I'm being diplomatic, but it's not something I can comment about to any great extent. Some people escape by watching tv, others paint, and some people join chat rooms and pretend they are somebody else. Over the last year, I've started using the internet a lot more. MySpace, Blogs, Facebook... I think it's a wonderful tool to keep in touch with people when I sometimes feel like I'm so far away. I remember feeling so alone when I first came to Holland, but with the internet, nobody ever has to feel alone. It's such a great feeling to know that you're only a username and password away from a world of people that want to communicate. It is a bit mind blowing when you really stop and think about the endless possibilities. We used to put photos in albums on a shelf, or if it was a good photo, maybe it got a frame. Hell, we used to develop photos! Now, not only do we have hundreds of photos on our computer, but they are scattered all over the web on various websites! I'm telling you... mind blowing. The things we used to see on Back to the Future 2 are now real life.

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