Saturday, May 23, 2009

Meet Your Meat

Please watch this video. Don't turn it off half way through, please watch the whole thing, and THINK about it. Thank you.


handheaded said...

yes i did as u asked and watched the whole clip, i wished it was about ten pics shorter, fuckin eh, make it stop, this is civil-ization? it's always money it's greed a bone deep disease, an infection now all our appetites are perversions. i'd say thanks for sharing but that was grotesque,, but please keep on and on. peace, andrew

LAVA said...

Andrew thank you so much for watching. Yep, it's a pretty sick & disgusting industry & if more people knew or gave some thought to what is going on in those dark sheds, we would be appalled & we would not allow it to continue. As it is, people turn their heads, shut their eyes & tell themselves that it's not really happening. If you were moved by this video please share it with as many people as you can. Thanks again, kelly