Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Rant

I have a lot of random stuff to post, so I thought I'd do it all in one go... making a gloriously ranty blog as my first blog of '09.

Firstly, I want you guys to check out Dan Piraro's blog.

He's a comic genius and for some reason he gets a lot of hate mail. I don't know what's wrong with people. Seriously, if you don't like the guy's blog, why the hell do you read it?! and then you proceed to waste your energy sending the guy nasty comments..?! I'm sure Dan just has a hilarious time laughing at all the hate.

I made a sandwich for dinner tonight and started thinking about my ultimate favourite sandwich spreads. #1 Avocado, #2 Hummus, #3 Veganaise. I'm a bit of a veganaise addict these days. Usually I never buy it, but I made a fantastic spinach dip over the holidays and so I have Veganaise left over in the fridge. I loosely based the recipe on something I found online somewhere, but it was so delicious and excruciatingly bad for you. I made it 3 times in a row, that's how addictive it is. By the 3rd time though, I thought I was going to puke at the sight of it. I probably won't make it again for a really long time. But if you want something incredibly delicious and fattening, here you go:

- green onions, chopped
- one container of vegan sour cream
- one cup of veganaise
- one package of vegan soup mix (i used lipton spring vegetable, but i had to strain out the noodles - I couldn't find another vegetable soup mix that was vegan)
- one package of frozen spinach dip

thaw and drain the spinach, then mix everything together. this goes well in a pumpernickel bowl (take pumpernickel bread and scoop out all the bread. rip it up into pieces to dip into the spinach dip). Super easy, super fast and feeds masses. Or if you're like me, you eat is all by yourself and regret it later.

I have to post this photo sent to me by Bonnie. She's such a cutie.

check out Bonnie's beautiful photo's here.

(Don't you love Bonnie's T-shirt? Get your own!!)

We have cable again. I liked the break from the box. Ahh well.

I have an incredibly long commute now. We moved into an energy efficient home and I doubled my commute. I might look into offsetting my carbon footprint for that... a deer ran in front of me the other day. I felt so sad seeing that deer... I felt so guilty that we have just taken all of the land where she used to roam and turned it into a scary loud road that I drive on every day. Me and a billion other cars and trucks.

On that note though, I've promised myself that I am going to ring in the new year with positivity! Lots of positive thoughts. Focus on the good, not the bad. There are so many good things happening, I don't have time to think about the bad. 2009 is going to be a year full of incredibly exciting happenings...! I can't wait!

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