Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's been a crazy week! I have been working on my website non-stop morning and night and teaching myself how to program. That's no easy task! The website is still FAR from complete, however I'd love it if you checked it out at (and I'd love it even more if you wanted to contribute some feedback!). I can't wait to get some products up! I've been speaking to some amazing people though, like vegetarian shoes, matt & nat, keep company, etc. If you're out there and you've got some ideas about what kind of products you'd like to see at a canadian vegan online store, please let me know. I'm excited to offer a big range of stuff from shoes to face cream to baby stuff to recycled paper. yep. the sky is the limit!

Took my dog to the vet today to get her paw bandaged. She ripped out her thumbnail (ew!). She was such a suck, I swear I've never seen a dog that's more like a human being. She is like a little kid who needs a bandaid and a hug to make things better. The whole time she was being bandaged she had her face against my chest. If she could talk she would have been saying; "mommy, i don't like this. make them stop!" in a cute sad voice, not a temper tantrum angry voice.

So another project I've got on the go is that I have got to figure out if Corona is actually vegan. Anybody know? A friend of mine swears he's gone to the brewery and claims he's seen the clarifying agent himself, and it was geletin. He said the same thing about Sleemans and Labatts, but I've read everywhere that those beers are vegan. Are the breweries just lying or is the information on the web inaccurate. I'm making it my mission to figure this out, because... well... I like beer.

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