Friday, August 24, 2007

The end of unemployment fairy tale land

I feel like I'm in school again... the summer is almost over and i have to go back to work :( I have been so lucky to get the entire summer off... it's been incredible. of course, i've spent most of the summer working anyway, getting LAVA set up is a day and night job. but still, i also feel like i've had one long ass holiday.

so now i'm working at a coffee bar. c'mon not just any coffee bar! a really cool coffee bar! hahahaha

they have something like 30 or 40 different kinds of tea, 20 different kinds of coffee, and of course all the mixed frappacinos and double mocha lattes on ice etc. it's a little intimidating. i have therefore made myself deal that i'll learn more about the different kinds of coffees and teas that grow on this beautiful planet, so you can expect to learn about that too in the coming days, since i'm so fond of sharing my knowledge with you guys.

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