Monday, September 1, 2008

Where we live, people piss in the elevators....

Seriously. I didn't write this but I think it's hilarious. I mean, they could have edited it. "God doesn't sleep he only wears pyjamas!!" Priceless!

Honestly, I don't think people shit in the elevators, but it might as well be people. I'm sure it's people's pets who never get let out, so on the odd occasion that they get to go outside, they get so excited or they can't hold it anymore, so they piss and shit in the elevator. We've encountered it several times. The fact that the owner's don't clean it up boggles my mind. How could you walk away from that and feel good about yourself?? and the poor maintenance crew... anyways, so I guess it all became too much for this one "disgusted resident".

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