Thursday, August 14, 2008

I just read this really interesting article on the addictive properties of cheese and meat on "Good Medicine". It's from the book "Breaking the Food Seduction" by Neil Barnard M.D. I'm thinking I'll probably go out and get this book pretty soon. Has anyone else reading this read it? Any comments?

"Analyzing samples of cow’s milk, they found traces of a chemical that looked very much like morphine. They put it to one chemical test after another. And, finally, they arrived at the conclusion that, in fact, it is morphine. There is not a lot of it, and not every sample had detectable levels. But there is indeed some morphine in both cow’s milk and human milk."
" turns out that cows actually produce it within their bodies, just as poppies do. Traces of morphine, along with codeine and other opiates, are apparently produced in cows’ livers and can end up in their milk."

Give the article a read yourself here:

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