Tuesday, November 20, 2007


OMG have I ever neglected this blog. i apologize faithfull readers... life has thrown me a few crazy rollercoaster turns lately. Actually for the last few months it's been non-stop. But that's the last few months, so let's just start with my birthday!

For my birthday I dragged my parents, brother and boyfriend to a vegan restaurant (not quite kicking and screaming!). Fresh is a great (maybe the greatest) vegan restaurant in Toronto. Even though we had to sit cramped at a teeny table, and we drank organic wine from what looked like value village glasses, I'm pretty sure we all had a really nice night. Well I did anyways. Everyone ate vegan (with the exception of my brother, who ordered cheese for his mushroom burger) and everyone enjoyed it, or everyone lied about enjoying it. Either way I'm happy!

I had the Energy bowl. So yummy and so huge that I got it to go and enjoyed it again the next day. As an appetizer we had sweet potato fries and coconut tempeh, delicious!! The best part though was their incredible carrot cake with tofu cream cheese icing.. so so good. all in all a delicious evening. Fresh is the best.

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